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The effect of edaphic and biological controls on soil microbial carbon use efficiency
The development of mathematical knowledge for teaching for quantitative reasoning using video-based instruction
The development and characterization of N-heterocyclic carbene based catalysts
The associations of patient activation and self-management with diabetes clinical control in diverse primary care patients
The Role of Thalamocortical Networks in the Symptomatology of Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Role of Bilingualism on Neuropsychological Test Performance among Spanish Speakers Tested in Their Native Language
The Role of Alcohol Use and Social Factors in Young Adult Smoking
The Pinyon pine syngameon: Modeling the past to understand the present and predict the future
The Effect of Pim Kinases Upon Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism
The Cognitive Effects of Alzheimer's Disease in Hispanic Older Adults
Telomere lengthening to antagonize myocardial aging
Teaching data science for social justice to pre-service mathematics teachers
Teachers' understanding of algebraic generalization
Teachers' beliefs regarding the generalization of students' learning and how to support the generalization of students' learning
Teacher change in the context of a proof-centered professional development
Taxonomic and functional composition of microbial communities across marine ecosystems
Systematic Investigation Of Operators In Nuclear Systems
Synthesis of nervous systems in hybrid robots utilizing hierarchical Q - Learning and temporal shifting
Synthesis and evaluation of macrocycles as potential antitumor agents