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Charlatans in Lab Coats: How Scientific Communication Can Unmask Pseudoscience
Captive audiences: Interactions between visitors and bonobos at the San Diego Zoo
Buem agricultural strategies and crop choices as adaptability practices
Artisanal fishing practices in Aceh, Indonesia : the embedded commons
Argentina's transforming cattle rancher : a political economic look at instability and resilience
Archaeology of Death in the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico, During the Late and Terminal Formative Period (400BC-AD250)
Archaeology and historical ecology along the Ring of Fire: Interpreting the past to manage the future
Archaeological, historical, and anthropological perspectives on extant and destroyed federally sponsored public artwork from new deal-era San Diego County
Archaeological investigations and reconnaissance of the Coronados Islands Baja California, Mexico
Analysis of `Éxva Teméeku, a Luiseño Indian village site named Temeku, located in Temecula, California
An investigation of Cuyamaca oval bedrock milling basins
An ethnobotany of Baja California's Kumeyaay Indians
An anthropological and archaeological analysis of American Victorian (1876-1915) and Progressive era (1900-1920) medicine in San Diego, California
Adapting in rural Paraguay: Drought, authoritarianism, and social-ecological poverty traps
Activities, status, and social relationships of a plazuela-type residential group (RP-1) at Buenavista del Cayo, a Classic Period Maya center in the western Belize River Valley
Accessing and utilizing primary care services: The influence of the affordable care act on Latinas at a community helath center in San Diego County
Abalone harvesting on California's Channel Islands: A study of Chinese identity and fortitude
A subjective exploration of the mental illness experience, the storytelling process, and current approaches to mental health and illness
A socioeconomic interpretation of 19th century archaeological ceramics found at contemporaneous, culturally diverse sites on Ballast Point in San Diego, California
A review of tuberculosis remedies during the 19th and early 20th centuries