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Dynamic projection of data on maps based on time-lines - server side
Economic links in a local agricultural economy : chefs and farmers in Los Cabos, Mexico
Effectiveness of countdown pedestrian systems in downtown San Diego
Effects of tigeminal desensitization on chemosensory responding to ethanol and basic tastants in heterogeneous Wistar rats
Effects of weight loss on weight and cardiorespiratory fitness in overweight or obese breast cancer survivors
Email based FAQ web application
Emergent trends of San Diego Cultural Resource Management : alternative conceptions of past, present, and place
Emotional intelligence and academic performance : an evaluation of moderated effects
Enhancement of MC68000 simulator macros to support floating point number
Enigmatic new Osagean unit sitting atop Lower Mississippian Joana Limestone at Granite Mountain Island, Middle Range, West-Central Utah
Estimating streamflow from watersheds with large reservoirs
Evaluating the effectiveness of the lift team method in reducing musculoskeletal injuries associated with patient handling tasks
Evaluation of flapping wing geometry through Vortex Lattice Method
Excavating Plato's cave
Exploring structural properties and consensus performance in complex networks
Factors associated with survival of patients diagnosed with nonmalignant, intracranial meningiomas
Field testing and performance evaluation of a mobile-platform-based QR code reader for multilingual public information display applications
First trimester drinking and smoking habits of pregnant women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Flexible RF front-ends for software-defined radio