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Tensile and compression properties of Ni3Al-CNT nano composite
Evaluation of microbial source tracking markers for human-associated fecal contamination to a river from non-point sources
Fabrication and characterization of flexible and porous biopotential electrodes via powder metallurgy
Minimum computational domain requirements for the simulation of a truncated aerospike nozzle flow
Improving linearity and efficiency of RF power amplifiers
Short-term operational planning problem of the multiple-energy carrier hybrid AC/DC microgrids
Modeling the extracellular environment for synthetic neural recording generation
A decision support system to enhance electricity grid resilience against flooding disasters
Spike detection algorithms for efficient hardware realization
Runoff prediction and ecohydrological recovery for small catchments after fire in Southern California
Investigating ECoG signal acquisition and transmission in brain computer interface applications
Direct numerical simulations of a cambered NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil at low reynolds numbers: Flow separation, instabilities and lagrangian aerodynamics
Identification of High-Risk Dry Cleaning Sites in San Diego County: Data Collection and Remediation
Voltammetry detection of non-electroactive neurotransmitters using glassy carbon microelectrodes – case of glutamate
Mathematical modeling and simulations of centriole positioning during mitosis of cells in confined environments
Environment monitoring embedded system with energy aware power management and data security
A physical system analysis and evaluation of a conventional air conditioning system with a solar thermal contribution
Design of a unique EPG structure for common-mode filtering in differential signals
Anthropogenic sources of contamination in the San Diego river during storm events
Wind tunnel experiments on the flow over a NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil at a Reynolds number of 20,000