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Current activated melt Infiltration of copper nano-composite
Current activated processing of milled aluminum and single matrix aluminum Carbon Nanotube (CNT) composites
Current activated reactive spin casting NiTi
Current-activated melt infiltration of carbon nanotube pre-forms and post processing powder evolution
Current-activated reactive synthesis and electro-combustion forging of nickel-based intermetallic composites
DNA Molecular Wire-Based Nanoelectronics: New Insight and High Frequency AC Electrical Characterization
DNA attachment to carbon electrodes for bionanoelectronics platforms
Design and development of a 2 degree of freedom haptic device for neurorehabilitation
Design and optimization of cold spray system for additive manufacturing
Design, construction, and initial testing of a lab-scale metal-alloy thermal energy storage system for concentrated solar power applications
Design, construction, and initial testing of a solar simulator and lab-scale small particle solar receiver
Design, microfabrication and mechanical characterization of polymer-based microelectrode arrays
Design, microfabrication, and characterization of a bismuth based sensor for healthy metals in drinking water
Determining electroless nickel deposition rates in-situ
Development of a monolithic sub-micron precision linear-motion mechanism
Development of a nanoindentation system with a flexure-hinged mechanism
Development of a photovoltaic system simulation framework: A techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic system installations for industrial facilities in Southern California
Development of a real time EEG processing system
Development of an Expander for Low Grade Thermal Energy Conversion Using Organic Rankine Cycle: Modeling and Testing
Development of electric-current assisted grain boundary local engineering: A finite element analysis study