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Rising income inequality and poverty in Japan
Beans of hope: the experience of Mexican fair trade and organic coffee in the world market
Nursing simulation a classroom discourse study
Language and nation: an analysis of Croatian linguistic nationalism
U.S.-Middle Eastern policy reformulated and the development of Israeli settlements
Learner retention: the challenge of family literacy programs
25 days, before antiquity; 33 nights - until infamy
California's frontier: America's Pacific expansion and the rise of an economic empire
Female authority and the word: Biblical revision in Plath, Broumas, Morrison
Narrative strategies in Ixpantepec-Nieves Mixtec
Exploring the emergence of a new identity: A qualitative inquiry into the multiplicities of queerness
Hawaii, 1937
Detecting errors in subject-verb agreement during on-line sentence comprehension in Spanish
Patronymy as taken-for-granted and enforced patriarchal practice?: analysis of marital naming practices and plans
EAP vocabulary instruction: a textbook analysis and lesson template
Business strategies at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP): an examination of Mexico's BOP and insights from some of the inclusive strategies employed there
Participatory GIS in Accra, Ghana as a tool for neighborhood definition and differentiation
The role of explicit instruction an analysis of English learners' development of academic writing
Whoremongers, heretics, and the devil's doctrine: clerical marriage in mid-Tudor England, 1540-1555
From illicit usurers to magnificent statesmen: Florence's dynamic perceptions of wealth, economics and banking from the 13th to the 15th century