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A flexible test interface and grading service for an AJAX based course management system
A framework for discovering implicit knowledge from event logs
A fully adaptive 2D empirical wavelet transform using watersheds
A functional connectivity MRI study of network sculpting in autism spectrum disorders
A future model for capacity building and partnership integration by leveraging GIS and knowledge discovery
A generalization of Gelfand's question to an arbitrary base
A genre analysis of English and Chinese research article abstracts in linguistics and chemistry
A geochemical and isotopic study of the youngest lavas from the islands of Upolu and Savai'i, Samoa
A geochemical evaluation of enhanced in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated ethenes in groundwater
A geochemical reconnaissance of thermal waters along portions of the San Jacinto and San Andreas fault zones, Southern California
A geometric approach to block monoids
A geophysical investigation of Valle Trinidad, Baja California, Mexico
A geovisual analytic technique for exploratory analysis of online discourses
A graph theory study of regional and network functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders
A gravity and magnetic study of the Laguna Salada area, Baja California, Mexico
A high resolution paleoseismic study in the southern San Jacinto fault zone, Imperial Valley, California
A high throughput multiplexed platform for monitoring proteolysis in the classical secretory pathway -- Search for novel antivirals
A history of metal transport to reservoir sediments in New Haven, Connecticut
A history of trace metal pollution in the Tia Juana River Estuary, San Diego County, California
A holistic approach to evaluating the source rocks for meta-sandstones in the Shoo Fly Complex (SFC), California