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Deep learning assisted Hankel dynamic mode decomposition
Cool under the spotlight: Inferring the photospheric temperature of Betelgeuse from optical spectroscopy
Presence of mutualistic symbiosis with Nostocales cyanobacteria at the origin of land plants
Solving the skills gap: A dynamic approach to cybersecurity training
Evaluation of neural network algorithms for atmospheric turbulence mitigation
Identifying characteristics of adolescent binge-drinkers from multi-modal datasources using various statistical models
Reward-related neuroplasticity and neuropredictors of irritability symptom relief after trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy: A preliminary study
Sleep and counterproductive work behaviors: Exploring the role of technology-mediated communication
Modeling lunar surface gravity anomaly using the finite element method (FEM): Applications in orbit propagation
Examining the relationship between faculty's system justifying and fixed mindset beliefs
A quantum engineering guide to microwave photonics and multiconductor transmission lines
A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
Bifurcations and dynamics of feedforward networks
Comparing classical and quantum radar: Investigating the theoretical basis and feasibility
Research on the strengths of North Korea’s social control system and implications for homeland security
Characterization of the microbes and viruses present in the Tijuana River and Estuary to elucidate potential pathogens
Random forest to estimate individualized treatment regimes with ordered treatment levels in quasi-experimental student success studies
Factoring polynomials In numerical semigroup algebras
Fathering identity and roles: Associations with parenting stress, discipline, and children’s behavior problems
Biophysical investigations of peptide and silica nanoparticle induced lipid membrane curvature