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Street Mobile Food Vending: Local Policies, Informality, And Occupational Health In Immigrant Communities
The Anbar Awakening: A guide to understanding the descent of Islamic fundamentalists
The Brazilian economy in transition: Explaining President Lula's response to neoliberal reform
The Common Defense: Challenging State Authority and the Citizen Army Through the Privatization of Force
The Effects of Enforcement on the Flow of Illegal Immigration
The Vatican in world politics : transnational activism and the campaign for debt relief
The divorce between profit and production: Goldman Sachs and the role of finance capital in the Greek crisis
The eclipse of the American small farm : US agricultural policy and the industrial agrifood system
The immigrant and the bureaucrat
The importance of social capital in microfinance, a case study on community based microcredit from rural Uganda
The politics of renewable energy: The case of local-level financial incentives
The politics of revolution & counterrevolution : the assassination of Leon Trotsky & the political persecution of the Trotskyist movement
The politics of sexual violence: The portrayal of the title ix's sexual violence guidelines in the New York Times and Washington Post
The possibility of democratization in North Korea
The relationship between the right of return and Palestinian political strategy
The role of foreign intervention in revolutions
The success and failures of secessionist movements and the role of religion in a western world order
The unintended consequences of economic sanction
Time to re-tire: Overcoming waste tire management challenges in Baja California, Mexico
Tobacco control and political behavior of Koreans in America: does politics matter?