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Patient-provider language concordance and behavioral health help seeking behaviors among Asian American Pacific Islanders
Effect of outflow graft size on stroke risk in the aortic arch
Design, microfabrication, and characterization of a bismuth based sensor for healthy metals in drinking water
Ethnic diversity and implicit black-weapon associations over time: A repeated cross-sectional analysis
Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
High precision measurement of the Atlas binary system masses
Preliminary impact of a promoter-led intervention on colorectal cancer screening among Latinos
Characteristics of parent-child engagement in Spanish-and English-speaking dyads
A replication study of interpersonal justice, stereotype of deceit, and fairness perceptions on bias towards supervisors
IC aging prediction based on machine learning
Are we ready? Young adults’ knowledge of parenting and child development
Optimization of electronic speed controller (ESC) power quality
Medium access control protocols for UHF-RFID transmitters for brain computer interface applications
Quantitative analysis of built environment microbial communities
Optimized placement of LoRa nodes and gateway
Quantitative magnetization transfer to monitor age related effects in skeletal muscle
Cellulose filter papers for measurement of persistent organic pollutants in marine mammal whole blood
The effect of thermal conductivity of thin solid fuel on opposed-flow flame spread in microgravity
Testbed implementation of multihop wireless ad-hoc networks
Bidirectional effects among poly-victimization, internalizing, and interpersonal problems among at-risk adolescents