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Understanding the spatio-temporal characteristics of Twitter data with geo-tagged and non geo-tagged content: Two case studies with the topic of flu and Ted (Movie)
Understanding teenage pregnancy and parenting experience among Ventura County Latinas
Understanding groundwater variability: Modeling groundwater storage change in southern California
Understanding Terminology: How Race And Ethnicity Are Used And Conceptualized
Uncovering consciousness
Una comparacio n de la hibridacio n del pi caro como estrategia de sobrevivencia en El canillitas y A ngeles del abismo
Ulysses S. Grant: A study in personality and leadership
U.S.-Middle Eastern policy reformulated and the development of Israeli settlements
Two-level game strategies in ROK-U.S. defense burden-sharing negotiations
Two Koreas: Economic disparity between South and North Korea
Twice Undocumented: The Role of Transnational Advocacy Groups in the Registration of Doubly Undocumented Oaxacan Migrants in California
Twenty-First Century Forms of Social Resistance
Tulips and the caged nightingale: The rhetoric of coded dissent performed in the Iranian public sphere
Trends and correlations of hate crime reporting in the United States
Translational gaps: Informing school wellness policies in the US Border Region
Traditions vs progress in a Mexican context: The evolving roles of women during the Porfiriato in the nineteenth century
Traditional Southeast Asian funeral practices : a study of cultural maintenance, environmental adaptations, and effects of western funeral practices in the United States
Tracks and tracts in America's finest city: An historical archaeology of San Diego's early trolley suburbs
Towards the spell of the sensuous: Nietzsche and Emerson in the hours of the day (with an arrow)
Toward mastery: Setting and theme in Vonnegut's novels