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Lagrangian coherent structures in the model left ventricle
Spatial assessment of ecosystem impacts from recreational trails in the San Bernardino National Forest
Evaluation of a modified fixture for testing composite bolted joints with countersunk fasteners under bearing loads
A novel high-throughput FFT architecture for wireless communication systems
Architectural design space exploration of reciprocal and square root for arbitrary precision fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic
Power optimization and management of a smart microgrid using artificial intelligence and stochastic methods
The application of multivariate empirical mode decomposition with canonical correlation for EEG artifact removal
Hydrocarbon Pyrolysis Reactor Experimentation and Modeling for the Production of Solar Absorbing Carbon Nanoparticles
An analysis of the Last Planner® System in a construction project
Dome Window And Mount Design For A Large Scale Solar Receiver
Microfluidic platform to create micro vortices to enhance the capture cancer stem cells
Implementing directional wireless networks with higher modulation techniques
An efficient hardware implementation of delayed signals
The importance of grain morphology and transverse velocity in porous media flows: Using OPENFOAM® to simulate solute transport in fractured porous media
Investigation of effect of geometry and surface treatment on the electro kinetics of GC microelectrodes
Radiation Heat Transfer Simulation in a Window for a Small Particle Solar Receiver Using the Monte Carlo Method
Computation Of Radiative Fields In Opposed-Flow Flame Spread In A Microgravity Environment
Frequency Reconfigurable Compact Multiband Quasi-Log Periodic Dipole Array (QLPDA) Antenna for Wireless Communications
DSP Based Phase Lock Loops for Carrier and Timing Recovery at Low Signal to Noise Ratio
Computational modeling of flow and combustion in a Couette channel simulating microgravity