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Hydrologic change along the All-American Canal in California’s Imperial Valley
Hydrologic, Climatological, and Biogeochemical Controls on Thermal Structure and Anoxia in Four Hypereutrophic Drinking Water Reservoirs
I Suffer a lot, We All Suffer so Much: Contexts of Mobility, Migration, and Connectedness in Oaxaca, Mexico and Southern California
IP addresses : exploring the nature of the geographic data and the patterns that can be extracted
Identifying spatial relationships between microbial metabolism and human impact
Identity, connectivity, and governance: Perspectives from contemporary Rapa Nui
Image classification approaches for mapping Arundo donax along the San Diego River using high spatial resolution imagery
Improve Disaster Communication in Online and Offline Communities Using Social Media (Twitter) and Big Data
Indigenous social movement in Nayarit: Resistance to the Las Cruces hydroelectric dam
Integrating Natural Language Processing and Web GIS for Interactive Knowledge Domain Visualization
Irrigation controls on atmospheric water vapor, southern India
Key controls of stream temperature in Rock Creek, Oregon : implications for restoration of riparian vegetation
Living in the animal/human borderland: Human-macaque relationships in Chitwan, Nepal
Local geographies of the coastal cactus wren and the coastal California gnatcatcher on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton California
Local perspectives on environmental degradation and community infrastructure in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico
Mapping agricultural change in the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys, 2000 - 2014
Mapping drought in the Krishna Basin with remote sensing
Mapping environmentally sustainable urban development within six US cities through object-based image change analysis of aerial orthoimagery
Mapping tourist behavior hotspots through photo-sharing service data
Mapping vegetation community types in a highly-disturbed landscape: Integrating hiearchical object-based image analysis with digital surface models