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The effects of prenatal nicotine and THC exposure via e-cigarette on working memory in a rat model
Aging-related post-translational modifications of myosin influence severity of sarcopenia and may be ameliorated by FOXO overexpression
Season-specific impacts of two projected climate scenarios on intertidal seaweed communities
Shortest path problem: A deductive graph spectrum approach
Simulation of variational quantum methods on a field programmable gate array
Investigations into novel hybrid induction/DC sintering
Expected behavior of randomly selected numerical semigroups
A study on quantifying effective training of DLDMD
The OFCC Project: A collaborative-action ethnography
Study of side-channel information leakage in CMOS comparators
Modeling the mechanical deformation of an acini structure
Alterations in cognitive and affective domains in men and women with a history of alcohol use disorder: An exploratory factors analysis
Seasonal patterns of interaction turnover, species’ roles, and network structure in a Southern California plant-pollinator network.
Comorbid anxious-depressed versus anxious-only youth in the context of a transdiagnostic randomized controlled trial
Skeletal muscle abnormalities in the SU5416/hypoxia mouse model of pulmonary arterial hypertension
The latent structure of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System for autism spectrum
Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite: Complications in solidarity and violence
Staking their claim: Resilience and resistance to American dietary exceptionalism
Imagining queer futures: Constructing new narratives through socially engaged art