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The relationship of visual aids and manipulative materials to transfer in the addition of common fractions
Outcomes of lecture and discussion procedures in college teaching
A personality study of the most-accepted and the least-accepted members of a ninth-grade class
A comparative study of the personality patterns of older and younger sisters
The utilization of audio-visual aids, techniques and methods in the instruction of preventive and corrective physical education
An analysis of the artistic possibilities of the various methods of translation--with a detailed study of the translations of a Spanish-American epic into English
A syllabus for an experimental laboratory-type course in the humanities for the high school level
Developing a means for the distribution of certain extra-class activity funds
An experiment in teaching elementary school science through television in San Diego City Schools
A comparison of the effectiveness of training films and teacher demonstrations as supplementary devices for teaching related information in industrial arts electricity
A comparative investigation of delinquents and non-delinquents regarding their parental adjustments
Problems in transcribing and arranging for wind band
Stimulus generalization and the law of Prägnanz
Teaching the operation of a motion picture projector by the use of a sound film and visualization
A transcription of the orchestra score of Cesar Franck's "Variations symphoniques" for symphonic band
Pupil personnel services in a unified school district: an evaluation and suggested program of improvement
The value of using estimation in problem solving
A teaching guide in creative salesmanship
A study of former trade preparatory students of the San Diego vocational school
An analysis of study skills as taught by primary basal readers