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Wiki contributions to software engineering
Reactive current activated tip-based sintering of nickle aluminides
Cascading style sheet generator
Design of an error concealment scheme for H.264 AVC video bitstream
Collaborative GIS environment for disaster management : tools and analysis
Field testing and performance evaluation of a mobile-platform-based QR code reader for multilingual public information display applications
The association of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4D_1) A/T polymorphism with blood pressure
Recipro cyclical
Access to quality education through an integration program: Students' perspectives of a voluntary enrollment exchange program at a high school
China and South Korea : examining the relationship between economic development and political stability
Channel bonding/loading for TV white spaces in IEEE 802.11af
Through the locked door
First trimester drinking and smoking habits of pregnant women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Excavating Plato's cave
Latino characters on Broadway
Identification of alternative translation initiation sites : bioinformatic analysis of mammalian 5' UTR (location prediction of start sites)
A blended pedagogy: Synthesizing best practices of opera and musical theatre programs to promote a holistic approach to training the singing actor
Teaching the musical theatre dance repertory : a study in style
Non-random DNA segregation and lineage commitment of cardiac stem cells