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Role of novel peptide, EP67, in controlling bacterial infection
DmSNAP190 domain localization on the U1 snRNA gene promoter
Gene expression analysis of heat-shock proteins in Boechera sparsiflora, Boechera pulchra, and Boechera depauperata when exposed to various degrees of heat
Song complexity and its evolutionary correlates across a continent-wide radiation of songbirds
Pro- and anti-tumor immunity within a mouse model of sporadic colorectal cancer
Mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) conservation : multiple approaches
T-cell based assay to identify novel drug targets against HIV-1-envelope processing
In Situ Growth Rates Of The Infaunal Polychaete Polydora Cornuta In The Tijuana Estuary
The physiological response of non-calcifying benthic macroalgae to ocean acidification
CHYSEL in Ciona intestinalis : ensuring co-expression of multiple proteins in equimolar amounts
Functional cytotoxic immunity and racial disparity in colorectal cancer
Phylogenetic relationships, species limits, and historical biogeography of the Emoia cyanura species group (Squamata: Scincidae)
Characterizing the response of coralline algae to ocean acidification
Origin and evolution of fumarole microbial communities : a phylogenetic approach
Niche evolution in relation to diversification in tanagers, the largest radiation of songbirds in the Neotropics
Localization of DmSNAP190 Myb domains on the U6 snRNA promoter sequence
Progress towards an in vitro system for studying host-pathogen interactions of Mycobacterium ulcerans disease
Characterization of the metal binding by the anti-sphingosine-1-phosphate antibody LT1002
Sansalvamide A and heat shock protein 90 biochemical and binding studies
From Finbacks To Humpbacks: Investigation Of The Evolutionary History Of Balaenopteridae