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Asserting Distinctiveness Through Creative Expression: Expanding The Motivational Processes Of Uncertainty Reduction
Effects of Cognitive Effort on Episodic Memory in Older Adults
Evaluating the effect of a novel cognitive training program on PTSD symptoms
Biopsychosocial pathways of pain in patients with systemic sclerosis
Youth Advocacy for Obesity Prevention : Measurement Evaluation, Mediators of Advocacy Readiness and Receptivity, and Processes of Policy Change
Anxiety and cognition in Swedish twins: Genetic and environmental influences
Apathy in persons with HIV infection
Exploring the link between diversity and ethnic-American associations : a socio-cognitive perspective
Structural Neural Correlates of Metabolic Syndrome
Set Shifting In Anorexia Nervosa: An Examination Of Cognitive Flexibility After Recovery
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation: Is there increased vulnerability among APOE E4 positives?
Hippocampal and orbitofrontal involvement in taste, cognition and BMI
A dyadic approach to examine the association between intimate partner violence and romantic relationship satisfaction
A measure of interpretation bias in posttraumatic stress disorder
The Role of Thalamocortical Networks in the Symptomatology of Autism Spectrum Disorders
An investigation of work engagement as a moderator of the relationship between personality and work outcomes
Psychometric Properties Of The English And Spanish Versions Of The Cancer Worry Scale In Hispanic-American Women
Up, down, over, under: Toddlers' ability to extract a familiar path from a multi-path event
The relationship between recognition memory and neuropathology in Alzheimer's disease
Contextual And Child History Predictors Of Internalizing And Externalizing Behavior Problems In Foster Children