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Academic self-efficacy in Mexican-American community college students
Accelerating data center applications through energy-efficient reconfigurable computing: From near-data processing to data-access reduction
Access and affordability of cancer drugs in international settings
Acculturation, behavioral risk factors, and cardio-metabolic dysfunction in Mexican American women living in a border region
Acculturation, the built environment, and health-related quality of life: A multi-level study in Hispanic Americans
Additive effects of aging and HIV infection on category verbal fluency: An analysis of component processes
Addressing cigarette-related health inequities through a trauma-informed lens
Adherence to medications to treat diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia among Medicare Part D beneficiaries
Adolescent alcohol use and fMRI BOLD response: A longitudinal study
Advancements in the elicitation, aggregation, and forecasting of probability distributions under time constraints
Advancing educational leadership in inclusive education: A study of administrator confidence, self-efficacy and professional development needs
Affirming indigeneity in public spaces: Indigenous Mexican testimonios about higher education
African American student voices: Experiences within an Umoja Community
Agency and teacher attrition
Air-sea CO2 exchange of the coastal marine zone
Algal biomass harvesting using low-grade waste heat in flue gas
Alzheimer caregiving stress and atherosclerotic disease: Psychosocial and physiological pathways linking chronic stress to disease
An analysis of autophagy in the aging murine heart
An analysis of the role of first language in second language acquisition
An analysis of tree mortality using high resolution remotely-sensed data for mixed-conifer forests in San Diego County