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Personal science teaching efficacy and the beliefs and practices of elementary teachers related to science instruction
Discovery and application of stress response proteins as therapies for heart disease
The impact of neighborhood stress on cardiovascular health : the association between perceptions of neighborhood physical and social disorder and cardiovascular disease risk in Latinas
A novel bifunctional catalyst for alkene isomerization: Development, scope and limitations, and applications in organic transformations
Early life stress and the anxious brain : neural structure and function underlying the relationship between childhood emotional maltreatment and anxiety in adulthood
Quantization of a low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder : limited-precision digital design of the sum-product algorithm (SPA) for wireless voice and video communication channels
Neural correlates of successful cognitive aging
Dynamics of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
Assessing a potential correlation between protein stability and function of the HMG domain of lymphoid enhancer binding factor-1
Development of a parallel coupler library with minimal inter-process synchronization for large-scale computer simulations
Telomere lengthening to antagonize myocardial aging
Health anxiety and cognitive processes as risks for insomnia in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer
Microbes versus fish : the bioenergetics of coral reef systems
Sensitive standoff nonlinear spectroscopic studies of gas- and condensed-phase molecules in ambient conditions for environmental and security applications
Mainland and island kelp forests Northern Baja California, Mexico: Subtidal community structure, dynamics, and connectivity for the design of marine protected areas
Negotiating meaning for the symbolic expressions for vectors and vector equations in a classroom community of practice
A framework for identifying antibiotic resistance in the human microbiome
Competition between coral and algal holobionts
Dynamical properties of Bose-Einstein condensates