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Macro-organisms influence coral reef microbial communities via shedding and induction
Mathematical applications to big data visualization and analysis with applications in climate and oceanographic data
Mathematical modeling of cystic fibrosis
Methods to Characterize Unknown Viral Genes Through Metabolomics
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Neural networks for estimating individualized treatment effects in observational studies
Novel Random Forest Methods Applied to Medical Studies
Novel random forest and variable importance methods for clustered data
Novel random forest methods and algorithms for Autism Spectrum disorders research
Optimal Global Average Annual Mean Temperature Estimation using Station Data and Spherical Harmonics
Optimal averages of U.S. temperature errror estimates and inferences
Optimal reconstruction of U.S. temperature and precipitation since 1895
Phage translocation across epithelial cells
Point accepted mutation (PAM) and block substitution matrix (BLOSUM) interactive programs on kelleybioinfo.org
Predicting glaucoma progression using random forests for correlated binary response based on longitudinally collected standard automated perimetry data
Prediction and its error estimation of the United States monthly precipitation by super-ensemble canonical correlation analysis
PyFBA: Simulating genome-scale metabolic models
R reconstruction of global precipitation, error analysis and El Niño interpretation
Reconstruction And Analysis Of The Global Precipitation Between 1850-2012
Regression reconstruction and its error estimate of annual global precipitation since 1900