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Pluton-wall rock relationships for the emigrant gap composite pluton, Sierra Nevada, CA: Implications for pluton emplacement mechanisms
Polyphase deformation in the Lower Paleozoic Lang sequence, northern Sierra Nevada, California
Pre-Jurassic deformation and metamorphism within the Julian Schist, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Quantitative Relation of Structural and Geochemical Studies to the Emplacement Mechanisms of Shallow Crustal Granitoid Magmas
Rare earth element analysis of cherts from the lower Paleozoic Shoo Fly Complex, northern Sierra Nevada, California
Sandstone petrology of the Cretaceous Lusardi and Cabrillo Formations: Evidence for deep dissection of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc by Late Cretaceous time
Saprock: A long-term recorder of ground shaking events, Southern California
Shoo Fly Complex, Lake Spaulding area, northern Sierra Nevada, California: An Early Paleozoic accretionary complex?
Sourcing heavy metals contamination in urban catchments through XRF analysis of streambed sediments: Chollas Creek, San Diego, California
Statistical analysis of compositional and volumetrical changes due to contact metamorphism of argillites in the Shoo Fly Complex, northern Sierra Nevada, California
Stress analysis 98, a Visual Basic 5 program for analyzing stress: a tutorial approach
Structural geology of a transitory left step in San Felipe Hills fault
Structural, sedimentological, and petrological setting of the Lang-Halsted sequence and Duncan Peak chet, lower Shoo Fly Complex, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Tectonic implications of Jurassic magmatism and Early Cretaceous mylonitic deformation, Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains shear zone, Southern California
Tectonic implications of REE, Th, and Sc analyses of Paleozoic and possible Paleozoic metasedimentary rocks, northern and central Sierra Nevada, California