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Creating a "proper environment": The subversion of motherhood in classical Greek thought
Creating spaces : the epistolary movement for female autonomy in late eighteenth-century England
Creations of the Atlantic World: the rebellions of Pontiac and Tupac Amaru
Daltônico: The myth of Brazil's "racial democracy"
Deconstructing the pillars of memory: Gender, memory and the Rwanda Genocide
Early modern moriscos: Development of the crypto-Islamic identity in the Iberian peninsula
Exodus (1960) : a movie with a message ... they listened!
FLDS families facing the fauxpocalypse: Motherhood and dependency under one man rule from the mid-1970s into the new millenium
Falange de la maternidad : the propaganda of self-oppressing national-sindicalist motherhood in Spain, 1939-1953
Forti nihil difficile: How the Victorians created a new self-image under revolutionary conditions
Free women of color as property owners: The coloniality of power and the liminal racial space in Spanish, Louisiana, 1776-1811
Friends like these: Washington and Asian authoritarian regimes during the Vietnam War era
From illicit usurers to magnificent statesmen: Florence's dynamic perceptions of wealth, economics and banking from the 13th to the 15th century
From the campus to the community: The struggle for gay and lesbian rights in 1970s San Diego
Gender and disorder in Babylon Berlin: “Coming-out” in early-twentieth-century Germany
Gladiators (data file)
Gladiators (screenshots)
Growth politics in San Diego: development of Mission Bay and Mission Valley
HIST 100 World History