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Quantifying plasmid DNA double strand breaks using centrifugal ultrafiltration
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Compton camera
Benchmarking approximations for the electronic structure of atoms
Hall effect study of iron-arsenide-based superconducting compounds under pressure
Experimental and theoretical study of mitochondrial inner membrane conformation: Electron microscope tomography and thermodynamics
Programmable polarization of computer generated holograms
Automated DIR for HDR cervical cancer brachytherapy
Effects of simulation parameters in the estimation of nanodosimetric quantities calculated with track-structure Monte Carlo
Encoding diffractive optical elements onto a programmable liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Quantum kinetics and the zeno ansatz: Sterile neutrino dark matter in the early universe
Emissive properties of nano-layered aluminum doped zinc oxide
Characterization of lyso scintillation crystals with sipm readaout toward three dimensional, time of flight pet detection
Comparison of device-based and deviceless 4DCT reconstruction
Optical trapping and particle tracking in viscoelastic mucin solutions
Stability of quark stars against radial oscillations
Analysis of bacteriophage motion through a non-static medium
Exploring aqueous solutions of dna using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Developing microwave networks into quantum objects within SLH formalism
An electronics laboratory for teaching circuit analysis and instrumentation
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference for multilayered Al:SnO/ZnO metamaterial