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Change in anomie in the United States, 1973-2006
Safety or productivity? the effect of conflicting demands on employees' work-related attitudes
Emotional intelligence and academic performance : an evaluation of moderated effects
Social adjustment of maltreated children : the mediating role of aggressive behavior
Personality as a moderator of corporate social responsibility's effect on applicant reactions
Effects of tigeminal desensitization on chemosensory responding to ethanol and basic tastants in heterogeneous Wistar rats
How do transformational leaders reduce managerial stress? : a comparison of mediated and moderated models
Realistic online recruitment
An experimental test of the production of individualism within the United States
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation: A rodent model of healthy aging
Shame and anger control as mediators in the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and perpetration of teen relationship violence
Public stigma toward housing applicants with psychiatric disabilities
A personalized and flexible methological approach to investigate bicultural identities
An investigation of the moderating effects of nations on the relationship between work family conflict and satisfaction outcomes
Gender differences in coping and physical and mental health outcomes among older adults with osteoarthritis
Relationships between stalking perpetration, personality disorders and ethnicity : a meta-analysis
The role of cognitive appraisal in the relationship between perceived racial discrimination and psychological distress among Latinos
Spatial memory development in children with prenatal stroke
Boundary conditions for the relationship between leadership and engagement : moderating effects of personality and attitudes
Burnout and work engagement : the incremental validity and relative importance of individual differences over and above characteristics of the work environment