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The effective telecommuting sales force
Some economic and historical aspects of the Fallbrook water controversy
Moderate ethanol and n-6/n-3 diet interactions on lipid profile and liver function in mice
Persistence of thirdhand smoke-related compounds in house dust after commercial cleaning
A framework for discovering implicit knowledge from event logs
Surface (S)-layers from methanotrophic bacteria: Composition and function
Chlorodisilanes, preparation and Si-H stretching frequencies
Dielectric properties of alcohol mixtures
Disilane formation by direct photolysis of silane
The benzo(1,2:3,4:5,6)tricyclobutene problem
The determination of heliocentric orbital elements
The photolysis of acetone in the presence of HBr: A study of some primary photochemical processes of acetone
The synthesis and cleavage of the germanium-germanium bond in digermane
Photoelectric scanning photometry of M101
Pyrolysis of 1, 1-dichlorodisilane
A determination of the peak to total ratio for a Ge(Li) detector
A microwave study of beta-butyrolactone
Studies in digermane decomposition
An experimental investigation of low conductivity contact heat transfer coefficients
Relative transition probabilities of two upper levels in neon