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Synthesis of resorufin nucleoside and photophysical studies of tricyclic cytidine analogues in oligonucleotides
Assessment of contamination associated with tobacco product waste within the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve
Hume and motivated reasoning
Irritability-related neural responses to peer evaluation in adolescence
Characterization of mechanical properties of soft tissues using sub-microscale tensile testing
Multidirectional hybridization challenges the species boundaries in the genus Arbutus (Ericaceae) of North America
Living in the animal/human borderland: Human-macaque relationships in Chitwan, Nepal
Come hither and enter the grove
A KdV-SIR equation and analytical solutions: Relationship to the non-dissipative Lorenz model and an application for COVID-19 data analysis
Refocusing the obstetric narrative: An examination of cesarean sections and the impact of prenatal care modality in Mexico
Relationship between stigma and barriers, online mental health tools, and suicidality in California’s veteran populations
Attitudes towards saving social security
Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
Why can't people just chill? Factors that encourage and discourage psychological detachment
Exuberant Body
Limits on stable rotation of rapidly rotating neutron stars set by gravitational-radiation driven instabilities
Methylotrophic betaproteobacterial clades and their interactions with plants
Emergency management insights for US government – Lessons learned from natural disasters and areas of conflict
A qualitative study exploring the impact of reflective practice on early childhood teachers
Eleutheria: An exploration of freedom