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"When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better": The relationship between rom-com consumption and relational quality and infidelity beliefs
"When God gives you AIDS...make lemon-AIDS": Ironic persona and perspective by incongruity in Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic
"What did daddy do now?": An autoethnography of a daughter and her alcoholic father's dialectic tensions
"We're like the unusual factor": Analyzing how gay adoptive fathers negotiate discourses of social challenge and develop family identities
"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
"They're only laughing 'cause you're pretty": Women's experiences at comedy clubs
"There comes an end to all things": Writing death and identity in literature and television
"There Is no billboard for transfer": A cultural wealth perspective on memorable experiences prior to transfer for community college students of color
"The mither tongue": The Scots language and its use in drama
"That doesn't strike me as Filipino": Navigating names, cultural identity, and rhetorical onomastics
"Take what you want and leave the rest": Alcoholics Anonymous and female empowerment
"So what if I was a stripper": Stigma management among recreational pole dancers in San Diego
"Rommel, you magnificent bastard": The Desert Fox and the rehabilitation of Germany in postwar media
"Return to sender" identification and scapegoating: Analysis of the 2014 immigration protest in Murrieta, California
"ReMember; rebuild, and renew": Constructing America's collective identity and the New World Trade Center site in New York City
"Presencing" metaphors: "Light" in the Gospel of John
"Polarizing politics": Audience narrative decisions in video games
"Please" to meet you
"Please read and respond": Strategies for community engagement in museums in San Diego and their implications for the Nate Harrison project
"On water" Wittig reaction laboratory experiment and the development of an "on water" catalytic Wittig reaction