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A follow-up study of former members of Memorial Junior High School's mentally retarded classes, 1947-1948
A rhythmic approach to clarinet playing utilizing the known-melody method
A study of mental health directives in textbooks of the basic professional nursing curriculum
A textbook on slide rule and computing machines for junior college students
Suggested procedures for map study in ninth grade world geography
A teaching guide in creative salesmanship
A study of former trade preparatory students of the San Diego vocational school
An analysis of study skills as taught by primary basal readers
The organization and administration of high school bands
The value of using estimation in problem solving
Pupil personnel services in a unified school district: an evaluation and suggested program of improvement
A transcription of the orchestra score of Cesar Franck's "Variations symphoniques" for symphonic band
A comparison of the effectiveness of training films and teacher demonstrations as supplementary devices for teaching related information in industrial arts electricity
A comparative investigation of delinquents and non-delinquents regarding their parental adjustments
Problems in transcribing and arranging for wind band
Stimulus generalization and the law of Prägnanz
Teaching the operation of a motion picture projector by the use of a sound film and visualization
An experiment in teaching elementary school science through television in San Diego City Schools
Developing a means for the distribution of certain extra-class activity funds
A syllabus for an experimental laboratory-type course in the humanities for the high school level