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SupplyPro: Introducing a proven concept to new markets
The implementation of a new organizational structure and its effect on Cymer, Inc.
A change in market strategy: An approach to achieve greater newsstand sales and market distribution
A competitive analysis of the small format printing media market in the North American retail chain
The effect of unfamiliar settings on problem solving
Distortions in the light curve of the eclipsing binary RS Canum Venaticorum
An experiment in an oral method of arithmetic problem solving
An experiment in teaching graph reading at the elementary school level
An implementation of MIX
Comparison of arithmetic achievement tests with the 1957 State of California arithmetic series
Analysis within the divergent section of a magnetoplasmadynamic accelerator
Single differential cross section of zirconium hydride
The acoustic impedance of apertures in a plate
A standardized test for the evaluation of basic skills in data processing and computer programming
An analysis of stresses and deflections in a disk with various boundary conditions subjected to gyroscopic forces
Observation of solar flares by radio
Polarization forces in resonant charge transfer theory
Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some associated liquids
Non-normal tolerance limits
The extended enterprise: A good game?