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TE 362 Fieldwork in Community Settings
TE 211B  Field Experience in Science
TE 600 Curriculum Development in Education
TE 462 Science Fieldwork in Community Settings
Do androids dream of unemployment? Examining moderators of the association between perceived AI threat and job insecurity
Sleep and organizational citizenship behaviors: The role citizenship pressure and organizational identification
Exploration of impression management in the context of virtuality and gender
Display rules and self-monitoring: What makes for a more effective and less exhausted employee?
Technological demands and work fatigue: Moderating effects of personality
I’m still standing: Native Spanish speakers’ perceptions of support messages received in Spanish and English
The moderating effect of polychronicity in the relationship between job demands and work outcomes
Sleep and counterproductive work behaviors: Exploring the role of technology-mediated communication
Why can't people just chill? Factors that encourage and discourage psychological detachment
ACCTG 332 Taxation of Business Entities, Section 1003
ACCTG 333 Accounting Information Systems
ACCTG 333 Accounting Information Systems, Sections 11074, 11075
ACCTG 331 Intermediate Accounting I, Section 1002
ACCTG 325 Intermediate Managerial and Tax Accounting, Section 1001
ACCTG 325 Intermediate Managerial and Tax Accounting, Section 1002
ACCTG 326 Intermediate Financial Accounting