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Vortex interaction in polariton Bose Einstein condensates
Vortex rings in quantum fluids
Wallrock mass and volume change during emplacement of the Middle Jurassic Emigrant Gap composite pluton, Sierra Nevada, California
Warcare economies: Countering violent extremism in San Diego
Was Wright Wrong? An Examination of Airfares in Dallas After Partial Repeal of the Wright Amendment
Water quality and sources of nutrient loads in watersheds of American Samoa
Water quality changes during artificial recharge with reclaimed water
Water quality conditions in shallow subsurface waters Imperial Valley, California
Water resources and hydrogeology of the San Onofre Basin, San Diego County, California
Water resources of Borrego Valley San Diego County, California
Waterpipe smoking among Arab American women in San Diego, California
Waves of change: Politics, ontologies, and the struggle for acceptable marine management in Moorea, French Polynesia
Wax Without Honey: The LP as Post-WWII American Zeitgeist
Wayfarer - New Ways Of Traveling
We can probably laugh about this: Playing with theories of humor
We only stay: An analysis of the fiction of South Dakota farms
WeBWorK 2: a public domain automated homework and exam system with application to computer science
WeBWorK 2: an Internet-based system for screening students in the introductory calculus courses
WeBWork2 : web-based online system for high school algebra
Wear and Mechanical Behaviors of Nickel Aluminide-Carbon Nanotube Composites