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ENS 139A Beginning Rock Climbing, Section 1
ENS 139A Beginning Rock Climbing, Section 2
ENS 139B Intermediate Rock Climbing
MIL S 102 Introduction to Tactical Leadership
MIL S 110 United States Military History
MIL S 202 Foundations of Tactical Leadership
A combinatorial system for Turing machines
A discriminative study of the sea language found in twelve selected modern American novels
Children's concepts of place value in arithmetic
A mammalian pathway for the oxidation of non-phosphorylated glucose
A stability analysis of a nonlinear system
A study of the effect of group cohesiveness on mathematical learning in an elementary school
Apologies: Poems
Bilingual oral reading miscues of Hispanic learning disabled and non-learning disabled fourth, fifth and sixth grade students: Implications for transition into English reading
Children's concepts of common fractions in arithmetic
A study of the value of using self-instructive flash cards in the teaching of second grade arithmetic
The Sancho Panza figure in American literature
Innocence and escape: The adolescent narrator in American literature
Locating the decimal point in the division of decimal fractions
Syntheses of perfluoroalkyl-substituted steroids