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Visceral vicarious voyeurism: Boorstin's principle of the three eyes as applied to the short film rebirth
Vision based robotic person following using an improved image segmentation approach
Vision-based intersection safety evaluation for vulnerable road users
Visions of empire: the theory and uses of allegory in American art from the nineteenth century to the present
Visitor activities and awareness of marine protected areas and species composition at rocky intertidal sites in San Diego, CA
Visual delivery of big climate data utilizing video compression schemes
Visual ideographs of abuse: a critical examination of intercultural perceptions of <domestic violence>
Visual-Based Web Page Analysis
Visualization of the deformation of planet due to tidal forces using XNA game programming network
Visualizing stress and strain: Using Visual Basic 6.0 to provide a dynamic learning environment
Visualizing the here and now of climate change: The effects of psychological distance and visual imagery on risk perceptions
Vitamin D and self-reported health status
Viviendo con plomo: measuring levels of lead consumption and combating absorption with nutrition in Oaxaca, Mexico
Vocational adjustment following separation from military service : a qualitative investigation of work integration challenges for Gulf War-Era II vetrans with PTSD
Voices of women of North African origin on the French Island of Corsica
Voices that carry: Women self-fashioning as artists and bringing a new discourse to MTV that foreshadowed third wave feminism
Volatile organic compound emissions from composting
Volcanic and nonmarine stratigraphy of southwest Isla Tiburon, Gulf of California, Mexico
Volcanic stratigraphy and geologic evolution of Riverside, Oregon
Voltammetry detection of non-electroactive neurotransmitters using glassy carbon microelectrodes – case of glutamate