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Spectral sequences in topology
The effects of adsorbed gases on the electrical resistance of titanium metal films
Measures and categories
The effects of Brans-Dicke cosmology on the evolution of galaxies
Occupation: Female collection of poetry
Montage I
Descriptive geometry instructional aids
Statistical precipitation downscaling model for Southern California developed using random forest: Evaluation of performance and impacts on hydrologic metrics
A convergent explicit groundwater model using online computation
The effects of wildfires on tropical South America's surface climate
Runoff prediction and ecohydrological recovery for small catchments after fire in Southern California
A decision support system to enhance electricity grid resilience against flooding disasters
Evaluation of urban flood hazard based on remote sensing and machine learning
Stormwater monitoring and modeling for oil and grease pollution in an urban watershed
Resilient operational planning of electricity grids with renewable resources under the risk of wildfire
Common and rare genomic risk factors for PTSD with implications for autoimmune disorders and inflammatory biomarkers
Benchmarking the performance of deep learning streamflow models and finetuning methods against the national water model in small, semi-arid watersheds using hydrologic signatures
Evaluation of pedestrian and bicycle exposure and crash risk at signaled intersections in San Diego
The mountain people
The small house and other poems