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HIST 509 British Century: Waterloo to World War I
HIST 512A The Great War: A Turning Point in European History
HIST 544B Modern American Foreign Relations
HIST 582 Topics in Social and Cultural History
HIST 601 Seminar in Historical Methods
HIST 610 Seminar in Public History
HIST 569 Premodern Japan: From Life at Court to the Warring States
HIST 580 Topics in the History of War and Violence
HIST 665 Seminar in History
HIST 620 Directed Readings in European History
HIST 630 Directed Readings in United States History
HIST 601 Seminar in Historical Methods
CLASS 101L Latin I
CLASS 303G Reading Greek Prose
CLASS 303L Reading Latin Prose
CLASS 304G Reading Greek Poetry
CLASS 202L Latin II
ANTH 424 / REL S 424 The Supernatural in Cross-Cultural Perspective
CLASS 101G Ancient Greek I
CLASS 120 English Words from Latin and Greek