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Using principal component analysis of biopsy spatial variables for prostate cancer predictive modeling
Using smartphone sensors for robotic person following
Using the Common Core Standards to teach rhetoric in the middle school English Language Arts curriculum
Using the Transtheoretical Model to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Peer Health Education and Sexual Health
Using time-domain reflectometry to correlate apparent dielectric constant with diesel fuel content
Using transcriptomics to characterize bacterial response to antimicrobial peptide wrwycr
Utilizing C# to create a Ternary Graph plotting program with rigorous statistical analysis with an analysis of Holocene sands
Utilizing Mobile Technology in GIS Education: A Case Study of Using iPad and iBooks in Fieldwork and Location Based Exercises
Utilizing Web-Based Tools and Novel Python Script to Analyze Small Nuclear RNA Gene Proximal Sequence Elements Across Distant Insect Species
Utilizing a ranking machine learning algorithm on retention time results to reduce false positive matches in untargeted metabolomics
Utilizing academic detailing to improve childhood influenza vaccination rates in San Diego : a two year intervention study
Utilizing school camp experiences to vitalize classroom instruction
Utopias and dystopias : the rights and privileges of citizens in (Dys)functional nation-states
VAX014 efficacy in the B16F10 mouse melanoma model: A novel oncolytic immunotherapy for melanoma
VODCA: an autopoeitic approach to Video-on-Demand Peer-to-Peer content replication using an artificial immune system
Validation of a PETSc-based parallel general curvilinear coastal ocean model
Validation of a traffic exposure questionnaire for pregnant women living in Tijuana, B.C.
Validation of in-house dose claculation software for superficial x-ray therapy
Values and normativity: A study of the metaethical foundations of prescriptive ethics
Variable Ball Collision Decoding