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Geometric enumeration
A method of problem solving using teacher oral reinforcement
The effect of unfamiliar settings on problem solving
An experiment in an oral method of arithmetic problem solving
A study of the value of using self-instructive flash cards in the teaching of second grade arithmetic
An experimental study in problem solving in arithmetic
A study of the validity of certain criteria for admission to secondary teacher education
A study of the relation between the psychological principles of learning and coaching a basketball team
The Nuremberg trial of Karl Doenitz, November 1945 to October 1946
An experimental study of the use of television for classroom instruction
An analysis of the sculpture ferro-concrete
A vocational guidance monograph for mentally retarded pupils in the junior high schools
A proposed seventh grade program in safety education
The ASTP and some implications and aids for teaching Spanish through audio-visual techniques
A study of supervising teacher-cadet relationships and the development of a handbook for supervising teachers
A vocational interest inventory for ninth grade pupils
Discipline: A survey of problems and measures in the San Diego secondary schools during 1953
Life history of the Tule yellowthroat, Geothlypis trichas scirpicola
A status survey of apprenticeship in San Diego, California, June 1953