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Techno-economic analysis for using second-life electric vehicle batteries in residential solar storage applications in Pakistan
Nontargeted chemical analysis of silicone wristbands from children exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapor
Numerical techniques for computing scattering phase shifts in the oscillator basis
Passive network function approximation using sum-of-squares polynomials
Season-specific impacts of two projected climate scenarios on intertidal seaweed communities
Shortest path problem: A deductive graph spectrum approach
The role of narrow cold frontal rainbands on urban flooding in Southern California
Spatial and temporal variation of particulate air pollution in the border community of San Ysidro during four field campaigns
Fully automated propellant-optimal powered descent guidance algorithm
Differences so mighty
Division algorithms for binary computers
Atlantis Centauri
Computer simplification of Boolean functions
Forth from the garden
Geometric enumeration
A discussion of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
A numerical solution of a system of linear integro-partial differential equations
A collection of short stories: Two roads
Gustav Freytag and anti-Semitism
Dynamic programming applied to chemical engineering design