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Market analysis and strategy for On-line Professional Xchange (OPX)
Gainsharing at Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Healing what ails: invigorating sustainable competitive advantage at Medical Economics
International competition in the software industry
Overcoming quality and productivity problems: Applying the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing in a maquiladora
Consolidation of foreign military sales services at Naval Aviation Depot North Island
Establishing service delivery measurements at the San Diego Data Processing Corporation
Techniques training in the pharmaceutical industry
The adoption and diffusion of new medical device technology: a case study on bioresorbable craniomaxillofacial implants
The effective telecommuting sales force
Some economic and historical aspects of the Fallbrook water controversy
Examining the local-scale relationship between human mobility and COVID-19: A case study of San Diego, CA
Posting ourselves to death: The weaponization of Russian social media disinformation
Analysis of bioretention capability in removing microplastic particles from stormwater
The CSU-Know/Cis-DSU: Systemic debilitation and cis-fragility in higher education
Investigating the role hyperandrogenism and estrogen insufficiency in metabolic dysregulation and gut dysbiosis
Persistence of thirdhand smoke-related compounds in house dust after commercial cleaning
A framework for discovering implicit knowledge from event logs
Surface (S)-layers from methanotrophic bacteria: Composition and function
Chlorodisilanes, preparation and Si-H stretching frequencies