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Benchmarking the performance of deep learning streamflow models and finetuning methods against the national water model in small, semi-arid watersheds using hydrologic signatures
Evaluation of pedestrian and bicycle exposure and crash risk at signaled intersections in San Diego
The mountain people
The small house and other poems
The horizontal branch close binary system HZ 22
Comoving vortex configurations in a channel
Effects of fleshy macroalgae on rhodolith (Lithothamnion australe) productivity and calcification in the face of climate change
Structural analysis of HK97-fold protein shells using quasi-rigid domain decomposition
Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
Characterizing RNA packaging into extracellular vesicles (EV) by comparing RNA in EV and other fractions from conditioned culture media
The binary frequency of late-type subgiants
UBV photometry of the eclipsing variable W Corvi
Design of innovative flat panel phased array antennas with low cross-polarization and grating lobe suppression
New venture proposal: Evaluation of a high potential market opportunity
Redesigning a business process in a fast-growing REIT
Data-driven decision making to facilitate change
Elder care referral services: A discounted cash flow analysis of their value to business
Establishing a maquiladora manufacturing plant: a case study
Experience curve model predictive value and market price projections for digital wireless telecommunications infrastructure equipment
A study of warranty costs for Rohr, Incorporated