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Why can't people just chill? Factors that encourage and discourage psychological detachment
Why do you (un)friend? Motivations for friending and unfriending others on Facebook
Why so busy? Development of a measure assessing interpretations of coworkers' busyness expressions
Why we work : a cross-national examination of changing work value orientations and nation-level predictors
Wideband circularly polarized fixed and steered beam antennas at Ku-band and feed horn at millimeter wave frequencies
Wifi signal processing for radar sensing applications: Feasability and implementation
Wiki contributions to software engineering
Wind over the moon
Wind tunnel experiments on the flow over a NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil at a Reynolds number of 20,000
Window and seal design for a small particle solar receiver
Winter of our cultural discontent : American anarchists and the assault of traditional genres
Wired to adapt
Wireless channel modelling of ultra-wideband signals for brain computer interface applications
Wireless transmission of video using adaptive modulation
Wisdom as it illuminates the metaphysics and epistemology of Hui-neng in the Platform Sutra
Wise optimism and well-being: are optimistic predictions always best?
With the Leaptoads
Without voice, beyond silence: A trauma-informed program addressing the impact of domestic violence on Latinas and their young children