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A survey of beginning industrial arts teaching problems in San Diego County
A follow-up study of selected San Diego high school graduates, 1946 and 1948
A transcription of the orchestra score of Cesar Franck's "Variations symphoniques" for symphonic band
A transcription of the orchestra score of Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto in C minor, opus 18, first movement, for concert band
A survey of the facts and fiction of the Cherokee strip
"There Is no billboard for transfer": A cultural wealth perspective on memorable experiences prior to transfer for community college students of color
#SeggsEd: Sex, safety, and censorship on TikTok
Detection and differentiation of crude and refined oils using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy
Dimes on asphalt
Identifying characteristics of adolescent binge-drinkers from multi-modal datasources using various statistical models
Biophysical investigations of peptide and silica nanoparticle induced lipid membrane curvature
Expected behavior of randomly selected numerical semigroups
Exploration of grain boundary engineering of pure aluminum by thermoelastic processing
A survey of high school clubs in San Diego City and County
A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
Brainism: An account of numerical identity
Synthesis of resorufin nucleoside and photophysical studies of tricyclic cytidine analogues in oligonucleotides
Investigations into novel hybrid induction/DC sintering
Cool under the spotlight: Inferring the photospheric temperature of Betelgeuse from optical spectroscopy
Changes in morphology and behavior of the Coronado Island rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus caliginis), an insular population of the Western Rattlesnake (C. oreganus)