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Using big data tools to analyze geographical related data
Using genetic algorithms to solve high school course timetabling problems
Using smartphone sensors for robotic person following
VODCA: an autopoeitic approach to Video-on-Demand Peer-to-Peer content replication using an artificial immune system
Video upload tool with subtitling feature
Virtual bulletin board for off-campus housing
Vision based robotic person following using an improved image segmentation approach
Vision-based intersection safety evaluation for vulnerable road users
Visual-Based Web Page Analysis
Visualization of the deformation of planet due to tidal forces using XNA game programming network
Vortex rings in quantum fluids
WeBWorK 2: a public domain automated homework and exam system with application to computer science
WeBWorK 2: an Internet-based system for screening students in the introductory calculus courses
WeBWork2 : web-based online system for high school algebra
Web accessible database for Kloosterman cardioid research
Web application development for San Diego Cricket Club
Web based Tamil language learning
Web hosted database system for efficient retrieval of carbon dioxide data
Web portal for clinical psychology
Web portal for the Center for Biopharmaceutical and Biodevice Development with blackboard features