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Using genetic algorithms to solve high school course timetabling problems
Web-based tool for visualization of online discourse events
New learning spaces
Basic automatic code refractoring by a parser tool
Global warming information tool - a map based teaching aid
Mobile media archive using significant tools for mobile assisted language learning
Polyline and polygon plotting in Map Objects
An inter-disk wear-leveling strategy for flash SSD disk arrays
Unsupervised learning of toothed whale echolocation clicks
Stubb: A plugin architecture for creating algorithms for bioacoustic signal processing software
Prokaryotic taxonomy: A software analysis of species diversity
Domain-specific sentiment analysis of firm brand
Hybrid solution for person following robot system
Satellite information using MOJO
Study of genetic algorithms for solving the traveling salesman problem
Analyzing big data of crime using Hadoop
Self-learning behind the wheel technology
The NF-calculator — A tool for database normalization
Remote sensing
Constant-Q filter banks for identifying odontocete whistles