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Proving hypergeometric identities
Pseudocodewords of LDPC Codes from the permanent and Bethe permanent and intended for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Refinement of generalized Craig's lattices
Regularity of minimal surfaces
Short description of WEP with special focus on RC4
Spectral sequences in topology
Steps towards classification of semigraphoids
Structure of minimal zero-sums sequences of maximal length in finite abelian groups of rank 2
Structure theorems for infinite abelian groups
Student reasoning and justification for the invertible matrix theorem: An analysis using adjacency matrices
Subgroups of Product Groups
Taking square roots over finite fields
Term calculus and a general formal language
The Integral Trace Form In Cyclotomic Fields
The Points of Two Curves from the Hermitian Tower
The classification of root systems and its application to lie algebras
The exact distribution of the Kolmogoroff-Smirnoff statistic
Two decoding algorithms for goppa codes
Unitary Signal Constellations Based on Irreducible Finite Reflection Groups
Using natural density as a technique to extend Kempner's series