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The comparative anatomy of baleen: Evolutionary and ecological implications
The copper tolerance of bacteria associated with Macrocystis pyrifera
The development of screening tools for the evaluation of potential ITK inhibitors
The development of sight-reading exercises and procedures for a solfége-based piano curriculum for beginning students
The effect of active surveillance on reducing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteremia rates within the Scripps Health Organization (2007-2010)
The effect of treatment couches on delivered dose during radiotherapy treatments
The influence of the prehospital 12 lead ECG on door to balloon time in the STEMI patient
The politics of desertion
The preparation and performance of the role of Leon Czolgosz in Assassins
The sum of the parts : how perceived peer acceptance and parental culture affect multi-ethnic identity and self-esteem
The trajectory of communicating authority in the liminal space as a graduate teaching associate
Three dimensional analysis of large scale dental wear in Late Cretaceous eutherians, Dzharakuduk Region Uzbekistan
Through the locked door
Tobacco control and political behavior of Koreans in America: does politics matter?
Tone and related issues in Dzongkha : a phonetic analysis
U.S. electoral history by GIS
Ultra wideband pulse generation using discrete prolate spheroidal sequences : design and analyses
Understanding the demand for intercity rail travel
Utilizing academic detailing to improve childhood influenza vaccination rates in San Diego : a two year intervention study
Vegetation change on San Clemente Island following the release from feral grazing pressure