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The programmed universe
The quality of bitterness in Richard Wright, Chester Himes, and John A. Williams
The racist discourses in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
The small house and other poems
The stolen sovereignty of the pacific: a rhetorical anaylsis of racial injustices and systemic hierarchy in Rice v Cayetano (2000)
The undead ingestion of the self : cannibalistic identity formation and ghoulish subjectivity in zombie literature
The vanishing of Mexican culture and heritage from holiday-themed Chicana/o picture books
To fear or not to fear the boogiemen?: An evaluation of the boogieman's role in children's literature from fairytales to nonsense
Toward a queer superheroism : destabilizing the conventions of an American tradition
Toward mastery: Setting and theme in Vonnegut's novels
Unmasking the villain : a reconstruction of the villain archetype in popular culture
We only stay: An analysis of the fiction of South Dakota farms
Wearing femininity: Fashioning gender traits in The Stepford Wives and their afterlives
Wind over the moon
Winter of our cultural discontent : American anarchists and the assault of traditional genres
With the Leaptoads
Wordsworthian pilgrimages in the late 1790's
Yards upon yards of hair: examining the changing characters of a retold fairy tale