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The development of an evolutionary algorithm to predict outcomes in meteorological trends
A study of packet scheduling over integrated access and backhaul (IAB) nodes in 5G networks
Online auctioning system
Huffman coding based JavaScript compression for AJAX applications
Nimbo cloud computing
Facilitating research with learner data in online speaking test
Functional-linear genetic programming : automatic discovery and reuse of functions through linear genetic programming
Comparing performance of applications written in smartphone development environments
GIS tool for teaching Chinese diaspora
Gradient based zone routing algorithm (GraZoR) for mobile ad hoc networks
Heterogeneous NPACI-Rocks/MPI/CUDA distributed multi- GPGPU application for seeking counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture
An AJAX-based editor for an online repository of engineering problems and solutions
Exploring information visualization using graphs
Heterogeneous NPACI-ROCKS/MPI/CUDA distributed multi- GPGPU application for seeking counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture; ROCKS/CUDA integration component
Exploring structural properties and consensus performance in complex networks
LARC iPhone for language learning through social networking
Boosting random write performance of enterprise flash storage systems
Enhancing user view feature extensions for OpenJUMP using GIS Markers
Detecting delphinid echolocation clicks using contextual information
Web based Tamil language learning