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Technical difficulties
The Colors of Attraction: Sexual Dichromatism influence on Pollinators’ Flower Choice in Rare Endemic Cacti
The Problem of Evil and Animal Suffering: An Objection to Theism
The Responsibilities of the Jewish Councils in Nazi-Occupied Poland
The death and consumption of animals: A Derridean critique of the human/animal binary
The ideal school : justifications and parameters for the construction of philosophy-based high schools
The incredible existence of theoretical entities: A realist critique
The individual: Between self and community
The nature of film : presentation, representation, and the imagination
The role of the hydraulic model of desire in action : exploring mindfulness as a means to enhance autonomy in addicts
The similarity theory of knowledge
Towards the spell of the sensuous: Nietzsche and Emerson in the hours of the day (with an arrow)
Uncovering consciousness
Values and normativity: A study of the metaethical foundations of prescriptive ethics
We can probably laugh about this: Playing with theories of humor
When is evil?: Secular theories of evil
Wisdom as it illuminates the metaphysics and epistemology of Hui-neng in the Platform Sutra